What if a guy needs to cancel after the trip is booked?

We understand things come up. That’s why we have a generous Cancellation Policy. Any guy on your trip can cancel up to 3 days before the trip and will immediately receive a 40% refund. Just e-mail your GolfWeekend Assistant.

Can we add a guy after our trip is booked?

You can add up to 2 guys up to 2 weeks before your trip. Just e-mail your GolfWeekend Assistant.

If guys are added to the trip, we will do our best to make sure each of the new guys has a bed, but we can’t guarantee it.

When do we get the Security Deposit back?

Each guy will get his $100 Security Deposit refunded 7 days after your trip assuming there is no damage to the house.

If there is damage to the house which is greater than the total amount of the Security Deposit, the individual(s) responsible for the damage will be liable for the additional cost.

What if we want to play particular courses that are not among the options we’re given?

Let you GolfWeekend Assistant know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.